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This is the blog for Bitgold, which is a small C# library that helps game developers add Bitcoin payments (e.g. microtransactions) to their video games.

Bitcoin is a digital currency which has increased in popularity during the last few years. It is an attractive replacement for current medium for in-game transactions, including credit cards, store credit and Paypal, because it likely has cheaper transaction fees, can handle quick national or international money transfers, is independent to any country’s currency, and can be converted to real money at any time. However, despite these strengths no library like Bitgold exists.

Bitgold is in development by Jared Schroeder, to fulfil requirements for the Bachelor of Games & Virtual Worlds. The project will take place between October-November 2014. Bitgold will have the following functionality:

  • performing (not verifying) player-to-developer Bitcoin transactions within and without a game
  • converting in-game transactions from national currency to Bitcoin value (e.g. converting $AUD to Bitcoin)

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