Competitive edge, not competition, key to ICT success

Smart Biz

By Sean Perkins

Before he’s even set foot in the classroom each morning, Network and Computer Technology (NCT) instructor William McBride already has his mind set on one thing: the workforce. While other fields rely on competitions and contests to gauge the success of their programs, McBride prioritizes the employability of graduates above all else, claiming it produces better results for workers and the industry.
“Technical education isn’t about games, it’s about finding jobs,” says McBride. “It’s getting students trained to prepare for the workforce.”
His focus on giving NCT grads the skills that will guarantee them work grew out of a long-standing industry connection the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT) has built with information and communication technology (ICT) frontrunner, Cisco.
A Cisco Regional Networking Academy for the past 15 years, MITT is currently the only functioning Academic Support Center (ASC) that Cisco has in Manitoba, providing support…

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