Big Data is the New Tech Battleground

John J. Blair

big data rubics (2)This year will redefine business intelligence. The smartest, most competitive companies will evolve from using market data to map the past, to using it to chart the future. All it takes is being able to make sense of the baffling amount of information to make better decisions. Predictive analytics, once the domain of statisticians, will become a required practice of department heads across the company to improve the performance of their business.

That’s a lot pressure on those MBA’s. Add to that the looming promise of the Internet of Everything, with 50 billion interconnected devices around the worldwide feeding and consuming data at such an unfathomable rate that current technology simply cannot handle. Let’s call it a tsunami, for lack of a better word.

Fortunately Microsoft, IBM, EMC, HP, Dell and everyone else in the tech industry has the solution. Or will have. Big Data is the technology that will absorb the…

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The Battle of the Routers

POTs and PANs

Cisco routerThere are several simultaneous forces tugging at companies like Cisco which make network routers. Cloud providers like Amazon and CloudFlare are successfully luring large businesses to move their IT functions from local routers to large data centers. Meanwhile, other companies like Facebook are pushing small cheap routers using open source software. But Cisco is fighting back with their push for fog computing which will place smaller function-specific routers near to the source of data at the edge.

Cloud Computing.

Companies like Amazon and CloudFlare have been very successful at luring companies to move their IT functions into the cloud. It’s incredibly expensive for small and medium companies to afford an IT staff or outsourced IT consultants, and the cloud is reducing both hardware and people costs for companies. CloudFlare alone last year announced that it was adding 5,000 new business customers per day to its cloud services.

There are…

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Connect to OSPF area 0 over GRE tunnel

Infra Blog

We all know that all OSPF areas have to be connected to area 0. But sometimes you encounter
a situation where it is not possible to connect an area to area 0. This can happen because of
poor network design or because two or more networks merge together. There are several options
to deal with this problem. In the CCNP curriculum you learn that a virtual-link is the way
to go on this problem. But there is an other option which is not as popular, but in my opinion
is even more elegant. I’m talking about a GRE tunnel solution.

Let’s take the topology as shown in the picture below.


Router R2 is connected to R1 in area 0. R2 and R3 are connected in area 1 and R3 is connected
to R4 in area 2. Which means that R3 has no connection to area 0.

Below the configurations of…

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Second-guessing Satoshi: ECDSA and Bitcoin (part I)

Random Oracle

“Cold-wallets can be attacked.” Behind that excited headline turns out to be a case of superficial journalism and missing the real story. Referring back to the original paper covered in the article, the attack is premised on a cold-wallet implementation that has been already subverted by an attacker. Now that may sound tautological: “if your wallet has been compromised, then it can be compromised.” But there is a subtlety the authors are careful to point out: offline Bitcoin storage is supposed to be truly incommunicado. Even if an attacker has managed to get full control and execute arbitrary code- perhaps by corrupting the system ahead of time, before it was placed into service- there is still no way for that malicious software to communicate with the outside world and disclose sensitive information. Here we give designers the benefit of the doubt, assuming they have taken steps to physically disable/remove networking hardware and place the device in…

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February 25, 2015 at 06:15PM

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Doctor Bitcoin – Survived By Sarah

Never Compromise on Tallness or Baby Hands

WHO: Dr. Bitcoin

WHAT: OKCupid date

WHEN: August 2014 and a total waste of a lovely Seattle summer afternoon/evening. They’re rare and need to be fully taken advantage of.

WHERE: Tacoma, WA. I lived on Vashon Island at the time and had to drive to the opposite end of the island to take a ferry over. I didn’t mind because I’d never been over there, and I took a book with me to read in the sun while I waited. I was bound by ferry times which put me in the date location about 45 minutes early.

WHY: It was my second dating app date ever so I was still hopeful and naive

The guy was over 6 feet tall, a doctor, and seemed to be witty (online). I only have four main requirements for dates: tall, single, funny, and employed. You’d be surprised how hard that is…

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