Big Data is the New Tech Battleground

John J. Blair

big data rubics (2)This year will redefine business intelligence. The smartest, most competitive companies will evolve from using market data to map the past, to using it to chart the future. All it takes is being able to make sense of the baffling amount of information to make better decisions. Predictive analytics, once the domain of statisticians, will become a required practice of department heads across the company to improve the performance of their business.

That’s a lot pressure on those MBA’s. Add to that the looming promise of the Internet of Everything, with 50 billion interconnected devices around the worldwide feeding and consuming data at such an unfathomable rate that current technology simply cannot handle. Let’s call it a tsunami, for lack of a better word.

Fortunately Microsoft, IBM, EMC, HP, Dell and everyone else in the tech industry has the solution. Or will have. Big Data is the technology that will absorb the…

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