Connect to OSPF area 0 over GRE tunnel

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We all know that all OSPF areas have to be connected to area 0. But sometimes you encounter
a situation where it is not possible to connect an area to area 0. This can happen because of
poor network design or because two or more networks merge together. There are several options
to deal with this problem. In the CCNP curriculum you learn that a virtual-link is the way
to go on this problem. But there is an other option which is not as popular, but in my opinion
is even more elegant. I’m talking about a GRE tunnel solution.

Let’s take the topology as shown in the picture below.


Router R2 is connected to R1 in area 0. R2 and R3 are connected in area 1 and R3 is connected
to R4 in area 2. Which means that R3 has no connection to area 0.

Below the configurations of…

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