Doctor Bitcoin – Survived By Sarah

Never Compromise on Tallness or Baby Hands

WHO: Dr. Bitcoin

WHAT: OKCupid date

WHEN: August 2014 and a total waste of a lovely Seattle summer afternoon/evening. They’re rare and need to be fully taken advantage of.

WHERE: Tacoma, WA. I lived on Vashon Island at the time and had to drive to the opposite end of the island to take a ferry over. I didn’t mind because I’d never been over there, and I took a book with me to read in the sun while I waited. I was bound by ferry times which put me in the date location about 45 minutes early.

WHY: It was my second dating app date ever so I was still hopeful and naive

The guy was over 6 feet tall, a doctor, and seemed to be witty (online). I only have four main requirements for dates: tall, single, funny, and employed. You’d be surprised how hard that is…

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