Back to the Basics – Intro to Binary Conversions

Joseph Meredith (CCNA R&S)

The Basics

To develop a deep understanding of anything networking, you MUST understand the fundamentals. No matter how complex or simple the scenario might be, it all gets broken down into two numbers – 1s and s. That is correct. These two numbers are a tremendous part of your everyday life as a networking professional.

At the very top of the 7-Layer OSI model, data is simply data. While descending, encapsulation occurs, and at each respective layer data will also be known as: segmentspacketsframes, and finally: bits. Whether you are enjoying a video on YouTube, or sending an email, that data will eventually be broken down into bits, which have two values (you guessed it, 1 and ). These numbers represent a current going through a circuit, and on/off switches.There is more to it than that, but, I want to focus on my next…

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