Mobile Payments: The opportunity to do better


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I remember the first time I used the debit card to buy something in a shop. This was 6 years ago. It was a whole new world for me, and I got quickly weaned off carrying cash around. However, going back to Nigeria with that mentality even in 2013 turns out to be very harmful. Running about in the blazing sun looking for an ATM is not funny.

Now, one could argue that this makes the case for ‘Mobile payments’ I did have my phone with me, but it wasn’t charged (thank you NEPA), again you begin to see the benefits of having cash, which is quite mobile as well as the bank cards. The important thing is we understand all these methods have limitations and contexts they apply in.

When it comes to our monies we need 3 main things; Control, Security and Ease of transaction (paying, receiving, transferring, saving, investing) The perception…

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