Apple’s refusal to hire felons to construct its headquarters points to a deeper problem


Apple has long been known for its sleek, pristine design. Jony Ive, the tech giant’s senior vice president of design, has even described the company’s products as “beautiful” and “pure.” Apparently, Apple wants the construction workers building its gleaming, new Cupertino, Calif. headquarters to have criminal records that are just as unadulterated.

The company is banning individuals who have been convicted of a felony from working on the project, which will cost a reported $5 billion.

The company declined to comment on the matter, but a person with knowledge of Apple’s policy says it applies only to ex-offenders with felony convictions in the past seven years and that workers facing pending felony charges are considered for employment on a case-by-case basis.

Apple is by no means alone in using criminal background checks in employment decisions. Almost 7 out of 10 companies conduct such checks, according to the Society for…

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