As Shell swallows BG, here are 5 other huge energy deals


Royal Dutch Shell has agreed to take over BG Group in a $70 billion deal that is the largest energy deal in a decade, and the third largest ever by enterprise value.
[fortune-brightcove videoid=4160459429001]

The move signals continued consolidation in the oil and gas industry (look to the beer business to see the same process happening) and will bring Shell closer to the industry’s top dog, ExxonMobil [fortune-stock symbol=”XOM”]. Today’s news is a major moment for the industry and perhaps a sign of similar deals to come. It makes Shell the largest producer of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world, and brings BG’s valuable Brazil assets into Shell’s portfolio, which is part of why Shell paid such a premium (more than 50%) on BG’s shares, which had fallen more than 50% since January 2014.

Here are five other mega-deals in the energy industry, dating back to 1984.

1. Halliburton…

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