L’Oréal Releases Sustainable Results


PARIS — L’Oréal released the first set of results from its sustainable development program, called Sharing Beauty With All, during a press conference here on Thursday.

It’s a plan that was introduced in October 2013.

Key findings for 2014 include L’Oréal had reduced carbon-dioxide emissions by half in absolute terms from a 2005 baseline, despite its production being upped by 22 percent in the same time frame. Sixty-seven percent of new products that were screened had a better environmental or social profile, and 54,000 jobs were created for people from underprivileged communities in social or financial difficulties.

Further, 67 percent of new L’Oréal products analyzed last year had an improved environmental or social profile, said Laurent Gilbert, the company’s director of sustainable innovation.

By 2020, the company intends to reduce its carbon-dioxide emissions, water consumption and waste production by 60 percent each, according to Frédéric Heinrich, director of European operations…

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