HBO Just Bought A New Web Series With Pick Up Of Vimeo’s ‘High Maintenance’


With timing that’s not at all coincidental, HBO today – 4/20 for those in the know – announced it has acquired a web series called “High Maintenance” which follows the adventures of a Brooklyn pot dealer.

The online comedy gained notoriety as the first-ever Vimeo Original series when the streaming video site partnered with show creators Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfield back in 2013 to release the initial episodes free of charge. The show returned to Vimeo for Season 2 last year, and has since become one of the all-time top-selling releases for Vimeo On Demand, the company noted today in a statement.

The show had earned its creators a WGA award and had been heralded by critics from Entertainment Weekly, Time and the New Yorker for its humorous glimpse into the lives of the dealer’s clients, which have included guest stars from shows like web series “Broad City” and the BBC…

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