Ledger Selects Intercede’s MyTam to Protect Android Bitcoin Wallets

Threat Intelligence Times

Intercede today announced Bitcoin security solutions provider Ledger has signed up to use MyTAM to protect its apps running on Android. By securing the wallets with the secure Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) already present on many leading devices, the app, along with data and transactions made by it, is protected against threats that may be present on the handset.

The TEE, developed by Trustonic, is a cryptographically locked, secure operating environment built into leading Android devices at the point of manufacture. By protecting Bitcoin wallets with this trusted environment, the application and related transactions are protected from malware, man-in-the-browser and other forms of software-based threats that are potentially active on devices.

Ledger provides hardware security solutions for innovative decentralised trust services – its first product, Ledger Nano, a USB smartcard-based hardware Bitcoin Wallet, is used by thousands of customers in over 60 countries. By adopting Intercede’s MyTAM service, Ledger provides…

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