CEO Kevin Gibbon Says Shyp Still Isn’t An On-Demand Company


Shyp still isn’t explicitly an on-demand service, according to company CEO Kevin Gibbon.

Despite having a service that allows users to summon someone who will ship something for them, Gibbon still said onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt NY the company is still more comparable to FedEx and UPS, rather than on-demand companies like Postmates or Sprig.

“I see us as a logistics company, though we definitely do have an on-demand component,” Gibbon said. “It sells us a little short — we have warehouses in every city, we have dedicated employees that will package everything. It is a really complicated service.”

Shyp allows its users to take a photo of an item they want to ship, and then the company sends someone to pick up the item and deliver it. Shyp packs the item and determines which carrier will be cheapest and most reliable. The whole process costs $5, plus postage, making it one of…

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