ContainerShip Wants To Help You Move Your Containerized Apps Between Clouds


Today at Disrupt NY, ContainerShip took the stage to show off its technology built to help companies better deploy containerized applications to different hosting services. ContainerShip is part of a larger wave of containerization companies that want to make it simpler to place apps onto, for example, various cloud providers.

In a phone call, the ContainerShip team stated that its goal as a company was to help others “make [their] infrastructure portable.”

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ContainerShip has an open-source focus, but with a commercial bent. Although the company’s core technology is open source, the startup will offer a paid product called ContainerShip Cloud, which will charge on a per-seat basis.

Key to the ContainerShip pitch is portability. The company bets that developers wish that switching hosting providers were easier. However, the technical complexity of such a move can be difficult. To remedy that, ContainerShip takes all the work onto its own shoulders, so that developers…

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