Despite A Creeping Recession In Europe, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Are Developing


Editor’s note: Michael Tyrimos is the interim CEO at, the co-founder of and the Cypriot Enterprise Link, and a Fellow of The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce in the UK. He specializes in the growth of early stage tech startups.

It’s not news that the Eurozone is in one of the worst economic and political shapes it has been in thus far. Greece’s future remains uncertain. Italy’s economy has failed to significantly rebound from its recession while other highly indebted European member states — namely, Ireland, Spain and Portugal — previously shared Greece’s concerns and standpoint and form a united front against Germany’s line of policy. In the meantime the euro dropped to a 12-year low this year.

Indeed, some of the European member states may be highly indebted and suffer deeply but it is interesting to see how entrepreneurship has been flourishing in these countries…

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