Chef’d Raises $5.25M To Help You Prepare Meals From Your Favorite Chefs


Recipe-and-ingredient delivery service Chef’d ran an Indiegogo campaign last year, but that’s not the only way the team is funding its growth. The company is also announcing that it has just raised a new round of $5.25 million.

Founder and CEO Kyle Ransford has said that the point of the crowdfunding campaign was to recruit early users, not raise an enormous sum of money.

The new round didn’t come from a venture firm, either. Instead, it was led by Ransford and Chris Growney — Ransford said this gives the company more freedom to enter the food delivery market on its own terms.

“Because we’re not funded by traditional VCs, we haven’t been forced into that sort of subscription model,” he said.

In other words, instead of signing up for regular shipments of food, Chef’d customers can buy meals individually. And many of those meals are created in partnership with food…

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