Guildery Raises $2.1 Million For Customizable, Digitally Printed Fabrics And Home Goods


Guildery, an e-commerce company that’s putting technology to use by offering digitally printed fabrics and other home accessories like pillows, drapes, ottomans, and more, has closed on $2.1 million in seed funding from Forerunner Ventures, Cowboy Ventures, SoftTech and AOL’s BBG Ventures*. The funding comes at a time when Guildery is also expanding its retail presence and is preparing to roll out new online tools that will allow consumers to customize the colors of the fabrics offered on its site.

Founded in late 2013 by Shane Reilly, ex-founder of Decorati, acquired by Gilt Groupe, and Kelly Berger, ex-technical co-founder of Tinyprints, acquired by Shutterfly, Guildery launched to solve a problem that consumers often face when it comes to decorating their own homes. That is, many people don’t know how to put colors and patterns together in order to complete a room.

On the Guildery website, the…

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