Storehouse Now Lets You Tag Friends In Stories


Storehouse MentionsStorehouse, the iOS-centric app for sharing stories from your photos and videos, now lets you tag friends in stories using the familiar ‘@-mention.’

In a world (read this in the trailer guy’s voice) where daily average users has become a better indicator of traction for social apps than everybody’s favorite metric, monthly actives, Storehouse’s focus on taking time to put some effort into crafting stories from shots taken while on an adventure doesn’t necessarily play into the same Facebook/Instagram/Twitter habit of checking and posting to the network every day.

Storehouse CEO Mark Kawano told TechCrunch last week that @-mentions should help increase daily engagement, with people returning to the app to see the stories their friends tagged them in and getting notifications when they get responses to their comments.

Leaving aside the metric side of things, introducing @-mentions is a small part of a broader shift at Storehouse, with the…

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