Bellabeat Starts Shipping The Leaf, A Health Tracker Designed For Women


Bellabeat, a company that makes a line health trackers and other devices aimed at women, including especially moms and moms-to-be, today begins shipping its first wearable: a piece of “smart jewelry” called the Leaf. The device, which can be worn as a brooch, necklace or bracelet, allows women to record their activity, sleep, stress and reproductive health with the help of an accompanying mobile application.

The startup, a Y Combinator graduate from the accelerator’s Winter 2014 program, first introduced the Leaf last fall alongside a connected ultrasound monitor and smart scale, with promises that the jewelry would ship this year.

The item is designed to provide pregnant or new moms (or any woman, really) a way to monitor their movements and sleep patterns, similar to other activity trackers on the market today. However, the Leaf differentiates itself by also introducing a way to help women track their stress levels, too. It does this…

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