Facebook Tinkers With iPhone Design That Copies Path’s Flyout Buttons


Resistance is futile when it comes to Facebook. If your feature benefits the social network’s1.44 billion users, itdoesn’t care if you built it for a smaller audience first. Whether it’s Twitter’s Follow button and verified profiles, or Snapchat’s disappearing photos you can draw on, Facebook will quickly try to assimilate the competition.

Call it a coincidence, call it inspiration, or call it copying. Sometimes there’s a definitive “right way” to build a social app even if it’s been done that way before.

Path Flyout Button Open Sourced

One of its favorite apps to crib designs from is Path. A Facebook employee even said on stage that “Facebook is trying to copy Path.”

Path Flyout

While many features get hammered out overseas by Asian messaging apps like Line and WeChat, Path has seen some features that it brought to the U.S.suddenly end up in Facebook. For instance, rather than having to type “Ok,” it let…

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