Metal 3D Printing Startup MatterFab Raises $5.75 Million From GE Ventures


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MatterFab wants to change the way metal 3D printing is done by making the process more scalable and affordable. It’s raised $5.75 million in funding to continue to refine its 3D printing technology and get its printers onto the production lines of industrial manufacturers.

The MatterFab 3D printer is aimed at manufacturers looking to create direct production parts out of metal that were either too difficult or costly to create using traditional tool machining methods. By doing so, it has the potential to lower the cost of parts while also increasing the flexibility of parts that can be created.

The Series A funding was led by GE Ventures, with participation from the Innovate Indiana Fund. The company had previously received funding from hardware incubator Lemnos Labs, where the company worked to refine the prototype version of its product.

GE is an interesting investor, considering the manufacturer’s decision to…

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