Nathaniel Popper’s Digital Gold Sheds Light On The Rise Of Bitcoin


The world of bitcoin is like the Lord Of The Rings without the Hobbits. You’ve got Sauron (Satoshi Nakamoto, who essentially wants freedom from law), Saruman (Ross Ulbricht, the technologist who wants to unleash the currency no matter the cost). They are battled by folks like Boromir (the hapless Mark Karpeles), Aragon (Wences Casares, the hidden knight) and the elves (Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss). Maybe Charlie Shrem is Gimli but, alas, there is no Gandalf in this tale – no one has died and returned reborn from the clutches of the Balrog (Goldman Sachs).

The fellowship, led by Casares, has to scale Mt. Gox to wrest control of the financial Middle Earth from Sauron and bring peace and prosperity back to the Shire (Wall Street). That’s basically what Nathaniel Popper’s new book Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money is about:…

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