Postman, An API Development Platform Used By Box And Others, Raises $1M


The most impactful companies are founded on solving problems. These are typically problems that affected a founder personally. In that respect, Postman, a company offering a platform for teams developing APIs, is off to a good start. Added to that, the India-based startup has also bagged a $1 million seed round from Nexus Venture Partners.

Postman CEO and co-founder Abhinav Asthana recounted how he first ran into issues developing APIs when he was at intern at Yahoo in 2009.

“We would go back and forth over API production and development,” he explained in an interview with TechCrunch. “As a result, it took a lot of time to ship the product. You are building out an API that isn’t documented properly, and you don’t have time to do it.”

Bangalore-based Asthana said the problem followed him around — he started panoramic photo app TeleportMe in 2010 — and that prompted him to develop an open-source solution to his…

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