Shift Messenger, Designed To Help Co-Workers Share Schedules, Raises $1.5M Seed Round


Managing and trading shifts is one of the most onerous tasks faced by retail employees, especially since many don’t have set hours. Shift Messenger, a Y Combinator alum, launched earlier this year to give workers a communication tool specifically designed to help them manage their schedules. Now the startup has raised a $1.5 million seed round led by Version One Ventures to add more features requested by its users.

Other investors in the round include Golden Venture Partners, Kapor Capital, Commerce Ventures, NewGen Venture Partners, Venrock, and QueensBridge Venture Partners.

A big recent development for Shift is the recent launch of a website version for people who don’t own smartphones. Workers can now post their shifts online and get notified about timeslots that need to be covered by SMS.

Shift hasn’t disclosed specific metrics, but founder Austin Vedder says “thousands of people are using the app across hundreds of workplaces”…

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