With $2.5M In Funding, Mapsense Launches Developer Tools For Analyzing And Visualizing Location Data


Apps today are producing an enormous amount of location data, but today don’t have a good way to understand what that data is telling them about their users. A new company called Mapsense is trying to help developers make sense of location data they’re collecting with a set of tools they can use to overlay information gleaned from users on top of various different demographic maps available on its platform.

Traditional geographic information systems are ill-equipped to keep up with the huge number of new smartphones and other location-enabled devices passing location data along to apps. In response, Mapsense has built a cloud-based platform that is an alternative to those systems that can ingest and help companies to parse billions of rows of location data being produced in real time.

Mapsense users can take advantage of dynamic vector map tiles to render raw map data, rather than relying on static…

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