7 facts every business should know about millennials


“I hope I die before I get old.” The Who’s timeless lyric from “My Generation” still captures the underlying tensions that exist between generations. No matter the generational label or decade, young people have always felt misunderstood, and today is no different.

You might have heard that millennials are narcissistic, coddled, and disengaged. Yes, they take a lot of selfies, love their phones, and believe that social media is integral to their lives and relationships. But according to various surveys, they’re also more informed, civically-engaged, and open-minded than conventional wisdom might lead you to believe.

As the most populous, educated, and diverse generation in American history, millennials are fundamentally changing the landscape of the economy. Whether you’re hiring millennials or trying to sell them a product or service, business leaders should rethink the cliché stereotypes and consider the data to understand their realities, behaviors and trends. Here’s what you need…

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