Basho wants to do more, much more, with your data


Basho is the company behind Riak, a popular key value store, a simple but vital type of database management system used to store and retrieve pieces of data.

A common key value store application is a shopping cart on an online commerce site. If you have the key, in this case the user identity/password, you can quickly access the value or the products in the cart. It’s simple, fast and important way to store and access basic information.

But Seattle-based Basho wants to expand its purview and is therefore melding a variety of technologies including its existing Riak KV (for key value), Riak CS cloud storage, Apache Spark cluster framework, Redis caching and Apache Solr (a tool for advanced query and search capabilities) into what it’s calling the Basho Data Platform.

“Companies have to deal with the challenges of distributed development and availability of data. Some may want…

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