Broadband consumers win with the Charter, Time Warner Cable, Brighthouse deals


Like a hydra, when one massive broadband merger is killed another springs up in its place. A month after Comcast walked away from buying Time Warner Cable for $45 billion, Charter announced its intent to buy Time Warner Cable and wrap it into an already-announced Brighthouse acquisition in a deal valued at $78.7 billion inclusive of debt.

The proposed Charter and Time Warner deal would change the landscape of the U.S. broadband market by combining the second and third-largest cable-based broadband providers, and creating a new company with a total of 19.4 million broadband subscribers once the Brighthouse customers are added in. When you factor in all of the customers the combined companies would have a total of 23.9 million. This leaves the combined entity behind Comcast’s 22.4 million subscribers, but shoves the newly combined company ahead of AT&T for the No. 2 slot in total customers.


For broadband customers…

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