Google taps Udacity to offer a ‘nanodegree’ in android development


Udacity, the brainchild of former Google roboticist and engineer and Stanford professor Sebastian Thrun, originally put college courses online as a more accessible way for students to learn via the web as opposed to going (and paying a premium for) college. However, working with colleges to democratize courses ended up failing, and the company changed its business to now offer classes and certifications to workers who want to beef up or learn new technical skills.

Called the Android Nanodegree, Udacity is powering the first engineering certification that has been created and certified by Google, which owns and distributes the Android mobile operating system. The partnership was announced Thursday at the search giant’s San Francisco developer conference Google I/O.

Udacity has partnered with technology companies such as Facebook and Google to create individual courses such as “Intro to Data Analysis,” and “A/B Testing.” Last year, Udacity introduced its “Nanodegree,” a paid…

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