Software-defined data center market to hit $77.18 billion in 2020


Data centers are no longer just about all the hardware gear you can stitch together for better operations. There’s a lot of software involved to squeeze more performance out of your hardware, and all that software is expected to contribute to a burgeoning new market dubbed the software-defined data center.

A new report issued this week by Research and Markets explains that the software-defined data center market will hit $77.18 billion by the year 2020, which is up from the $21.78 billion it’s expected to rake in for 2015. The term software-defined data center generally refers to the way different elements of the data center—like networking, storage, and computing—can be more better dispersed with the help of software.

Emerging technologies like software-defined networking—which specialized software can be installed in cheap, commodity servers to power a company’s networking activities—present challenges to legacy businesses like Cisco [fortune-stock symbol=”CSCO”] and Juniper Networks…

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