Why NXP is selling its RF power business for $1.8 billion (and why you should care)


Dutch semiconductor conglomerate NXP said on Thursday that it would sell its RF power business to Chinese state-owned investment company Jianguang Asset Management Co. for $1.8 billion. The deal is an effort to ensure that the $11.8 billion buy of Freescale Semiconductor goes through, since both NXP and Freescale have significant market share in the RF power business.

NXP’s RF power business makes radio frequency power amplifiers used in cellular basestations. NXP said it would buy Freescale in March. It’s one example in a wave of semiconductor deals that continues to build as technology companies add computing abilities to objects such as thermostats and cars.

As the so-called Internet of things expands it gives those companies an incredible opportunity to sell both micro controllers—the brains of such battery-powered smart devices, radios—so they can communicate and sensors that give them they eyes and ears, so to speak, to understand the…

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