8 Influential Women to Watch in Bitcoin


Hell hath no fury like the twittersphere in April, when Fusion’s Felix Salmon wrote an article entitled ‘Brocoin: Why Bitcoin’s male domination will be its downfall’. In his piece, Salmon cites demographics statistics from ZeroHedge which tell us that the ‘average Bitcoin user’ is male (96%), aged 32.7 and libertarian. Salmon also points to the latest in crypto-literature, Digital Gold, an overview of Bitcoin’s history so far by Nathaniel Popper of the New York Times:

Popper did talk to most of the important people in the cryptocurrency crowd, and he tells me that he put real effort into trying “to find a woman who was involved in some substantive way”. Popper’s book features no female principals at all: the sole role of women in the book is as wives and girlfriends.

For Salmon, this “lack of women” is a “fundamental weakness of the currency itself”.

…so long as it remains an overwhelmingly…

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