The Battle for the Next Generation of Networks: Where Will We End Up?

“Climbing Out of the Box”™

There has been a lot of press in the last couple of years on the next generation of the networking. The industry seems to have amassed a desire for change – but what form will that change take?

I talked about the evolution of the data center in a series of posts earlier this year called “Where is all this Going” and the second installment focused on the impact of VMware and virtualization and the pent up demand for change in the network.  I was talking to a friend and colleague a few weeks ago who worked at VMware starting in 2000 – long before VMware even had ESX…  He’s now involved in developing products for the next generation of networks and I asked him a simple question,“

“How does the level of customer pain from the network today compare to the pain to customers experienced from server sprawl…

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